Hello Lover!

I’m so glad you’ve found me. Allow me to introduce myself: 

friends call me Lucky - but by the end of an afternoon I’ve heard many confessions of titillating serendipity.

I can be your college girlfriend, your former lover or that sexy coworker you’ve fawned over but never had the courage to approach until now.


My personality is versatile and my authentic beauty demands your admiration. Intellect stimulates me, passion inundates me. Your fantasy is my deepest desire.

 I enjoy a variety of settings such as hiking in our beautiful corner of paradise and revel in live music shows at hole in the wall venues.


I adore indulging in rich cheeses and chocolates as well as engaging in crafts and small projects to channel my creativity. 

Let us cultivate long lasting memories together.

I can’t wait to hear from you.



Age - 30

Eyes - Blue

Hair Color - Light Brown

Sign - Gemini

Height - 5'6"

Weight - 130

Body Type - Petite and curvy

Cup Size - 30b

Shoe size - 6 1/2


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