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Greetings Fellow Perverts, Provocateurs and Playthings-
Welcome to my little piece of the cosmos;
I cannot wait to make your acquaintance.


Friends call me Lucky Aisling (surname pronounced ASH-ling) and as my namesake suggests, I am a vision of distinctive beauty. The experience that I offer is unique, carefully curated for each friends desires. I'm not for everyone; my skill set beckons to those who seek deeper meaning and connection in their intimate endeavors. People have referred to my demeanor as sensual and slow-paced, genuine and passionate; I cannot wait to share my magnetic energy with you. 


My life is full of exploration and adventure. I am a woman of enterprise and maintain a full schedule to satiate my endless desire for creativity and understanding. My time is finite and valuable, therefore I choose to spend it in conditions that I feel are the most meaningful in capacity with my devoted friends that I absolutely adore. Thoughtfully designed engagements are where I find that my relationships flourish the most, therefore planning ahead is the most favorable method of acquiring my attention and companionship.


My offerings are eclectic yet all carry the same theme: absolute satisfaction and erotic erudition. I truly believe there is something to gain from each experience we encounter during our short, precious time on this world. Why not spend it doing what we love? We deserve to honor ourselves by filling our spiritual cups with the most sumptuous experiences imaginable. I have my vessel in hand and am boundlessly ready to pour.
Won't you join me?

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