Touring Girl Next Door Ultimate Experience

300.... half 

500.... hour 

700....90 mins 

900....two hours 

2.5k....six hours 

+100 island passport 

Washington State

Girl Next Door

Ultimate Experience

300 ... half hour 

400.... hour 

600....90 mins 

800... two hours 

1.6k ... six hours 

2k...... twelve hours 

3k....sixteen hours 

-couples 550 hour 

-island passport +100


returning friend?

see below


Long day at the office?

Need to be pampered?

I would love for you to allow me

to take care of your aches and pains,

you deserve it!

60 min $240

90 min $360

120 min $480

**Not available during touring at this time.**

Arm Candy

Need a hot date to a social gathering or a live music event?

I can acclimate to any atmosphere with ease

 $100 per hour.

Lets take this back to your place...

I love road trips! All I ask is that you compensate me for my time and travel at a rate of $1 per minute traveled and give me enough notice to adjust my schedule and prepare for our rendezvous. Travel fee is due prior to meeting.

Fly Me to You

This requires a minimum 4 hour engagement. It includes reasonable flight acclimation and a deposit of half of the session consideration.


Contact me to discuss details. 

 Clients who have seen me 6 times or more within a calendar year are welcome back at my previous hour rate. In order to maintain this rate you must continue to visit me 6 times within a calendar year.

I will also be offering a monthly subscription at my previous rate that will automatically deduct from your account on the same monthly calendar date you select. Please inquire if you're interested.


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