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Covid-19 Announcement

Covid Announcement

I've spent a great deal of time researching and deciding what is best and prudent for myself and for my clients regarding Covid-19. In order to continue providing sexy, safe lifelong memories I have decided to instill the following non-negotiable guidelines:

All clients will be required to shower at the beginning of our appointment, you will be instructed to leave your belongings in the bathroom in a clean container on the counter and I will provide a clean robe for you to enter in. Refusal to do so will result in immediate end of the session and forfeiture of any deposit or donations previously received. If you begin to develop symptoms or receive a positive COVID test after a session, I ask that  you inform me as soon as possible so that I can cancel any planned engagements and prevent any possible spread, and of course I will reciprocate. 


I cannot see folks who​:

  • Have experienced any of the following symptoms in the last 2 weeks: fever of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or more, shortness of breath, dry cough, new loss of taste or smell, chills, body aches, sore throat, fatigue, headache, congestion, runny nose, nausea, or diarrhea.

  • If you over the age of 65 or are a part of any other high risk groups I will see you if you are fully vaccinated.

  • Have seen another provider in the last 7 days.

  • Have participated in events with more than 10 people*, been in public around any number of people* without wearing a mask, or share common space with folks who have engaged in such behavior in the past 7 days*.


*People who aren't vaccinated. These guidelines are much more flexible for friends that are fully vaccinated, I ask that you follow CDC guidelines and use common sense in your daily activities the week before our scheduled rendezvous. 


If you do not meet my requirements at this time, you are welcome to pre-screen for a future date, just mention it in your booking form.

-Covid-19 Cancellation Policy-

I want everyone to be happy, healthy, safe and sexy - I sincerely do; but I feel that people, especially during touring have been abusing my compassion and understanding around last minute illness cancellations. So here is the deal:

If you have to cancel (48 hours notice) and you really feel sick, I will ask for a $100 cancel fee. If you send me a screenshot of a PCR Covid-19 test result, positive or negative results with your name and a test date within 48 hours of our original appointment on it I will allow 100% of the fee to be saved as credit toward a new session which can be used for up to 1 year after original date. 

  • I value your time and expect reciprocity from you. If you are going to be early or late please communicate that with me as soon as possible so I can adjust my schedule accordingly. Lack of communication is a huge turn off for me.

    • Also, if I am running behind in schedule I will let you know and generally will add extra time to your appointment to maintain a good rapport.

    • Keep in mind that I do not live at my Cap Hill incall and it takes me roughly an hour to commute and set up; therefore I am almost never available for last minute sessions. 

  • My gift must be presented within the first 5 minutes of our date or previously arranged.

    • Upon meeting, please place my gift on a table or dresser in plain view without referring to it, then excuse yourself to wash your hands. Please check my website for rates before you arrive.

    • Please do not put me in a position to have to ask you for my gift, it is a total mood killer.

    • My rates are not negotiable. Any attempts to negotiate will ensure that we do not meet.

  • I do not partake in any mind or mood altering substances.

    • Please do not ask me to participate in any recreational activities with you. I don't mind if you like to have a glass of wine or some other spirit during our session (I have glasses and bottle openers if necessary) but if you require more than a drink or two to have a good time I am not the provider for you. 

    • If you arrive to our appointment intoxicated or incapacitated in any form I will politely ask you to leave and you will forfeit any deposit or payment. 

  • If you have to cancel/reschedule I ask that you give me a 48 hour notice. If that isn't possible I will require a $100 cancel fee, 50% of which will be saved as credit toward a future session up to a year after the original date. If you cancel/reschedule with less than 24 hour notice I ask for a $200 fee, $50 of which can be used toward a future session up to one year after the original date. A gift from my Amazon Wish List is suggested but not required.

  • If you NCNS a scheduled appointment you will be sent an invoice to cover the entire balance due within 24 hours.

    • If this is not fulfilled or contact is not made to make arrangements an alert will be written and your information will be added to a shared list of non-compliant clients.

  • I also do my very best to make myself presentable and am very hygiene positive, I emphatically encourage to use my amenities such as shower, scented and unscented soaps and lotions, and mouthwash when you arrive or upon departure if necessary.


Arrival and Punctuality

  • My incall is kept immaculately clean and is sanitized thoroughly after every friend visits. 

  • I do not discriminate based on age, race, ethnicity, size, dis/ability, gender, sexual orientation, religion or lack thereof. I enjoy all bodies. As long as you are of sound mind, hygienic and can consent to safe, sexy fun then that's all that matters to me.

    • I do have the right to refuse service or end a session if I feel that I am not being respected 
    • Unfortunately my incalls are not ADA accessible so ​if you have ambulatory or any other requirements please let me know upon initial contact. 
  • Topics I enjoy discussing with everyone:

    • ​Bisexuality, BBBJ, CFS, Couples, Daty, mutual Dato (you must shower at my place, no exceptions); Dirty Talk, Duos, Female domination, Foot, LFK, Massaging, Multiple cups (hour+ engagements), Prostate, Pegging, Role Play, Showering, Spanking, Submissive, Switch.

  • With Established friends:

    • BDSM, Bondage, CBT, Dominant, Choking, Gagging, Greek, Group (4+), Humiliation/Disrespect, Overnight Dates.

  • Topics I will not discuss:

    • ​BBFS, Fisting, FIV, Scat, Spitting, Water Sports.

    • Any attempt to negotiate these subjects will ensure that we do not meet and forfeit your deposit and/or donation


My privacy is extremely important to me. That being said I do not allow photos or videos of our sessions together. Remember that recording someone without their consent is a felony in Washington State and if I find you using a hidden camera, our time together will be terminated immediately, you will forfeit the donation, and I will write an alert about the experience.


You are more than welcome to request an outfit for sessions an hour or longer, but please do so in a timely fashion. If I have already left my house for the day, I may not be able to fulfill the request. You are also always welcome to bring an outfit as well, contact me for sizes.​​​


I am happy to provide a reference for friends whom I have seen in the last 6 months at a 1:1 ratio; i.e. one visit with me per reference offered. I ask that you reach out prior to offering my name to a provider to not only allow me to prepare to gush over you but also to protect your privacy and ensure that you authorized this ROI. Any reference requests without such notice are not guaranteed a timely response and I will often inform the provider that you failed to follow this safety protocol. 


I love surprises! Express your admiration through gifts. I have an Amazon list or you can get creative and come up with something on your own. A couple hints for you:

  • I do not drink or partake in 420 but I have recently discovered a new interest in alcohol removed sparkling wine. 

  • 30b-32b and small panties. 

  • size 4-6 dress, small tops, size 26 jeans, 6.5 in shoes and 7-7.5 in boots

  • I enjoy shopping at, Target, Lululemon, Urban Outfitter, REI, Home Depot, Costco, American Apparel, Ulta, Levi's, Dr. Martens, FRYE boot company.

  • I LOVE coffee and sparkling water!

  • I love receiving (and giving) massages

  • I enjoy pampering myself with deep tissue massages and pedicures.

  • Donations to THANC, GLP, Real Rent Duwamish, or any sw/bipoc mutual aid groups are a surefire way to melt my heart. 

  • Check out my Amazon Wish List

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